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i have a DB of users and their password in encrypted form. I want to let the users log in to the site using the username and password. For authentication i need to know what type of encryption is their so that i can match the entered password with the stored password. I have tried many algorithm but i am not able to workout the encryption mechanism. here is a test case

original password: alvin

Password in DB :f9b0213127225c1c74d6662dee8acca297eff9e0

Password Encryption : sha1_v2.4.

salt: 9j1jyse241v7cw0s8okkssgg448wgcogsggoww0

What i want to do is to create the password in DB from original password.

Any hints on how to convert the original password to the password in DB

P.S the table was created by silverstripe CMS


We are no longer using the silverstripe CMS and are converting our website to a Mobile App. So using silverstripe or its function is not an option. However we are using the member table with all the member's data in it including authentication information.

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我有一个用户数据库及其加密形式的密码。 我想让用户使用用户名和密码登录该站点。 对于身份验证,我需要知道它们的加密类型,以便我可以将输入的密码与存储的密码相匹配。 我尝试了很多算法,但我无法锻炼加密机制。 这是一个测试用例</ p>

原始密码</ strong>:alvin </ p>

DB中的密码</ strong>:f9b0213127225c1c74d6662dee8acca297eff9e0 </ p>

密码加密</ strong>:sha1_v2.4。</ p>

盐</ strong>:9j1jyse241v7cw0s8okkssgg448wgcogsggoww0 </ p>

我想要做的是从原始密码在DB中创建密码。</ p>

有关如何将原始密码转换为DB中密码的任何提示</ p>

PS该表由silverstripe CMS创建</ p>

编辑</ strong>:</ p>

我们是 不再使用silverstripe CMS并将我们的网站转换为移动应用程序。 因此,使用silverstripe或其功能不是一种选择。 但是,我们使用成员表,其中包含所有成员的数据,包括身份验证信息。 </ p> </ div>

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