2013-01-27 22:22

XPATH - 如何提取这个? [关闭]


OBJECTIVE: Get values of anchor link (some_path) and anchor value (User Name) using only and only anchor ID (msg123456) as starting point.


<!-- a lot of HTML code before this -->
<a id="msg123456"></a><a id="new"></a>
<div class="windowbg">
    <span class="topslice"><span></span></span>
    <div class="post_wrapper">
        <div class="poster">
            <h4><a href="some_path" title="some_user">User Name</a></h4>
<!-- a lot of HTML code after this -->

PROBLEM: I know how to use XPATH for simple tasks, but in this situation Im not sure from where to start.

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  • donglei1699 donglei1699 8年前

    Fetch the anchor tag which you can search for, this is still easy. The more difficult part is finding the next div, which you can do using following-sibling::div[1] which fetches the first <div/> following on the same level after the current context. The stuff after that is easy again.

    For the path:


    For the user name:

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