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I have a web form that uses an HTML5 canvas element to allow users to sign their name. When the form is submitted, all field values and the base64 string (e.g. "") containing the user's signature are processed and stored.

I'd like to fill my pdf template with the submitted data and write the signature to the form but I am struggling with the signature task.

I found one technique while researching that suggests I could write the signature as a pdf button using:

<< /T (button1)/APRef << /N << /F (http://www.yoursite.com/pfds/icons.pdf)/Name (icon3)>> >> >> 

However, I can't manage to get this to work. I don't know if the signature must be prepared as .png, .pdf, or something else. (I can successfully generate a .png on the server, but haven't tried to apply it to the .pdf because I don't know if I need it.)

I am using pdftk to fill my template .pdf with the dynamic .fdf file. Do I need to perform any special preparations on the signature button? I think I read something about setting the Layout to "Icon Only."

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  • dtu15253 dtu15253 7年前

    Since I could not find a way to apply the signature to the pdf as a button, I had to fiddle and hack to get all form data and signatures from the server onto a new pdf.

    First fopen/fwrite the form values to new fdf, then use pdftk to generate an unsigned pdf:

    echo exec("cd $submissions_path/; $pdftk \"$template\" fill_form \"$fdf\" output \"$unsigned_pdf\"; chmod 777 \"$unsigned_pdf\";");

    Then fopen/fwrite my base64 signatures to signature images:


    Then generate an .html watermark to be converted to a watermark .pdf using mPDF (please excuse the use of tables, mPDF didn't like my <div>'s):

    $watermark_html="<table style=\"width:792px;height:1123px;\"><tr>";
    $watermark_html.="<td colspan=\"2\" style=\"padding-top:900px;padding-left:70px;width:240px;height:20px;\">{$watermark[CustomerSignature]}</td>";
    $watermark_html.="<td style=\"padding-top:16px;padding-left:69px;width:240px;height:20px;\">{$watermark[OwnerSignature]}</td>";
    $watermark_html.="<td style=\"padding-top:16px;padding-left:169px;width:240px;height:20px;\">{$watermark[ManagerSignature]}</td>";
    include("../mpdf/mpdf.php"); //Include mPDF Class
    $mpdf=new mPDF('','',0,'',0,0,0,0,0,0,'P'); // Create new mPDF Document
    $mpdf->Output("$watermark_pdf","F");    //save file to server - may include a path

    Finally, stamp the watermark.pdf onto the unsigned.pdf using pdftk again:

    echo exec("cd $submissions_path/; $pdftk \"$unsigned_pdf\" stamp \"$watermark_pdf\" output \"$pdf\"");

    The most tedious part is correctly setting the size and position of the signature images on the watermark html.

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