2013-08-01 23:44
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I'm just reading some code and I came across:

form method='post'
input type='hidden' name='input' value='%s'

What does the %s mean? I tried googling but I can't get an answer for this one.

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 <  code> form method ='post'
input type ='hidden'name ='input'value ='%s'

%是什么 s 是什么意思? 我试过谷歌搜索,但我无法得到这个答案。

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  • donglie1994
    donglie1994 2013-08-01 23:49

    %s most likely means a string. Sort of like a placeholder or variable.

    In some languages you can write something like:

    string name = "Joe";
    printf("Hi %s", name);

    Which would print out: "Hi Joe".

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  • drsxzut183207938
    drsxzut183207938 2013-08-01 23:52

    %s is used in a programming technique called 'variable interpolation'.

    it will be replaced by a string somewhere later in the program

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