dpf7891 2019-03-12 15:01
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I am using a script that checks how much checkboxes you selected and that limits it to 4 checkboxes.

The script is loaded in in the footer of my page (seperate file, called footer.php)

The script is of course called in every file, because the footer is selected in every file. Is is it possible with some sort of function that it only uses that part of the script in a certain file, and not in EVERY file?

I am not even sure if it matters. My application is very small, so I think it's not a big point if I don't do the check, but I think it is better to use some sort of script.

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  • doushishi2415 2019-03-12 15:04

    if(location.href === 'https://example.com/donotrunhere') throw new Error('This is not an error. This is just to abort javascript');
    // or wrap your code to the function
    (function() {
      if(location.href === 'https://example.com/donotrunhere')
      // your code here

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