2019-02-14 13:30
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I want to separate my array into separate strings that all end with a comma.

Array ( [0] => 233d3f9b-3e8e-4e16-ade2-6c165a0324c6 
        [2] => a6c736b0-f3d2-4907-9d36-6b31adeec2d1 
        [3] => 1e693cba-d0ce-4a24-bd75-b834e3f44272 

The purpose of this is so i can pass it to an API. Like this

    'optionUuids' => array(

The option UUidds can contain multiple values as long its separated by a comma in the end.

I tried solving my problem using implode. Implode adds a comma at the end of each line, but it treats this comma as a string. I want to have multiple option UUids so i would need commas that are actually commas and not strings.

Im having trouble explaining this. This is what i expect:

    'optionUuids' => array(

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