2017-10-11 10:37
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我可以用PHP语言集成DJI SDK吗?

I am working on DJI SDK and i have task of fetching flights(Drones) details using DJI SDK and displays into my web application. My web application is on PHP platform. I have searched that they have three SDK which are Onboard SDK, Guidance SDK and Mobile SDK (For Android and IOS) but don't found any SDK with PHP language. Can you please guide me, is it possible or not with PHP? Or do i find other approach to accomplish task.

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我正在开发DJI SDK,我的任务是使用DJI SDK获取航班(无人机)的详细信息并显示在我的 Web应用程序。 我的Web应用程序在PHP平台上。 我搜索过他们有三个SDK,它们是Onboard SDK,Guidance SDK和Mobile SDK(适用于Android和IOS),但没有找到任何带有PHP语言的SDK。 你可以指导我,用PHP可能与否? 或者我是否找到其他方法来完成任务。

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  • doutu9810 2017-10-18 20:36

    To interact with DJI Drone you need a mobile device connect to the RC. You will have to use the Mobile SDK at the minimum for your use case. It could be an Android or iOS app. With Mobile SDK you have access to all the "flights(Drones) details".

    Once you have that going, if you want to "displays into my web application", then you have to sync your information from your mobile app to your server side. Using a rest API is one possible way.

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