PHP Slim v3在响应头中添加cookie

We are using PHP Slim v3 as a backend and Angular as a frontend. Both the apps are running on the same localhost with different ports.

In one of the api call, we would like to add the cookie in response headers.

Had used following methods to add the cookie to slim php response header but addition has not been successful until yet.

1) Use slim php v3 setCookie (API throws a server error setCookie called on null). Had invoked setCookie on $app, $this, $response but nothing worked.

2) Use diff methods from library (

3) Use $response->withAddedHeader("Set-Cookie", "hello=world");

I would like to add "Set-Cookie" to the response headers.


$app->post("/cookie", function($req, $response, $args) {

  // add code to set cookie in response headers.
  return $response->withStatus(200)->withJson(["status" => "success"]); 

Any help on this part would be appreciable.

P.S. This is my hello world program for setting cookie :-).


解决了它。</ p>

问题出在本地API服务器上。 </ p>

使用 PHP Slim PSR7 Cookie库库 与另一个工作的localhost API服务器一起在响应头中设置cookie。 此外,使用 Access-Control-Allow-Origin </ code>的特定客户端地址,而不是使用常规*。</ p>

感谢社区的帮助!</ p> \ n </ div>



Solved it.

The problem is with the local API server.

Used PHP Slim PSR7 Cookie library library with another working localhost API server to set the cookie in the response header. Also, using specific client address for Access-Control-Allow-Origin instead of using a general *.

Thanks for the help Community!

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