2016-04-23 12:38
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i need to transfer the data from textboxes designed in HTML to Mysql database using php. I tried a lot but didnt finally if anyone has a working code already for it then please let me know. i just have two textboxes named "username" and "password" and a submit button. I have already created a db [dbname: userdemo, tablename: users] but no results. Please use OOPs concept not procedural. Any kind of help will be appreciated!!!

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我需要使用php将数据从HTML设计的文本框传输到Mysql数据库。 我尝试了很多,但没有工作......所以最后如果有人已经有了工作代码,请告诉我。 i只有两个名为“username”和“password”的文本框和一个提交按钮。 我已经 创建了一个db [dbname:userdemo,tablename:users]但没有结果。 请使用OOP概念而不是程序。 任何形式的帮助将不胜感激!!!

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