2011-10-06 14:25
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PEAR :: Mail vs. PHP:Mail

I am creating a PHP system that will forward emails, (ie. to without using an SMTP server which is faster and more stable? PEAR::Mail or PHP: Mail? (or another one entirely)

I would be using extra headers and attachments but mainly trying to keep it looking and acting the same. (if anyone has an example for forwarding with attachments PLEASE provide it!)

And not exactly on the side but is there a way for people to be able to send email from they're email address without having a complete inbox etc?

It would probably be better for me to use a real email provider but these are supposed to be free email addresses so paying by the email address is not an option, if anyone knows of a service that: charges by the month or year, has an API that email addresses can be created from and that can set up email forwards via the API that would be most appreciated.

I currently have a partial system together but would like to know which way I should go first.

Thank you all.

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我正在创建一个将系统转发电子邮件的PHP系统(即someone@emailforprofession.com转发给某人@gmail。 com)没有使用更快,更稳定的SMTP服务器? PEAR ::邮件或PHP:邮件? (或完全另一个)

我会使用额外的标题和附件,但主要是试图保持它的外观和行为相同。 (如果有人有一个带附件的转发示例请提供它!)


对我来说,使用真正的电子邮件提供商可能会更好,但这些应该是 免费电子邮件地址所以通过电子邮件地址付费不是一种选择,如果有人知道服务:按月或年收费,有一个API可以创建电子邮件地址,并可以通过API设置电子邮件转发 我将非常感激。



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  • duanning9110 2011-10-06 14:30

    The PEAR class supports multiple mailer backends, which allows you to switch whenever needed and you'll be able to perform some benchmarks and see which backend suits you best. The native mail function on the other hand is much less advanced and will show a clear difference in performance, especially for that amount of mails.

    I also suggest you have a look at PEAR's mail queue class:

    This is much more recommended for larger projects such as yours, you'll also be able to implement a cron like feature which will send a certain amount of mail per period you choose.


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