2013-05-09 12:49
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PHP Echo Order行为

I have a PHP script that requires the Yahoo SDK. When I include the following I get no echo output until the script completes:


I can comment that line and I see all echo's occurring for each iteration as and when they should.

Everything works ok however the output must be getting held in RAM until the script is complete, im iterating thousands of posts so this could become problemtic.

Driving me nuts! Any help is appreciated!


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我有一个需要Yahoo SDK的PHP脚本。 当我包含以下内容时,在脚本完成之前我没有得到回显输出:

require(“/ root / yahoosdk / ysdk / examples /”);


一切正常但输出必须保存在RAM中 直到脚本完成,我会迭代成千上万的帖子,所以这可能会成为问题。

让我疯了! 任何帮助表示赞赏!


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  • doushenken2833 2013-05-09 12:55

    Look at the code in /root/yahoosdk/ysdk/examples/

    Make sure it is not enabling output buffering whiuch would prevent any output until script completion.

    See ob_start

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