2014-05-22 11:50

如何下载Google Chart API? [关闭]


I am using Google Chart in one my Program, The program will run locally and have no internet access to use Google Charts. Can you please tell me where can i download the Library, I searched on net but failed to find out any possible way to download it?


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  • douzhuan0309 douzhuan0309 7年前

    You can download the google chart API from the following link:

    Just hit the URL on your browser and save it by using ctrl+S. And include it in your project.

    For more information see here for offline chart API.


    this library used two online library also so you need to download then and change the path:

    google.loader.ServiceBase = '';
    google.loader.GoogleApisBase = '';

    In the above line you can see those libraries.

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