2016-08-19 11:34
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I want pass post or get data from android on button click to php server, without using browser. for eg http://localhost:81/anis/car.php?name=xyz is data i want to pass on button click. without using browser.

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我希望在不使用浏览器的情况下通过按钮点击发送邮件或从Android获取数据到php服务器。 / strong> 例如 http:// localhost:81 / anis / car.php?name = xyz 我希望传递按钮点击的数据。 不使用浏览器。

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  • dqnf28092 2016-08-19 12:40

    localhost - it search host on device on which you are running. Replace localhost to your ip. Surely it will work.

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