2015-06-15 16:00
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I create a .gitignore file and add two folders.

But when I click "commit directory" in PHPStorm my folders are always in my commit changes.


enter image description here

What is going wrong?

In Terminal it works great

enter image description here

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但是当 我在PHPStorm中单击“提交目录”,我的文件夹总是在我的提交更改中。

  magento / media / 
magento / var / 

什么是 出错了?


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  • dongya4335 2015-06-15 16:20

    Most likely, certain files inside those directories were already added to version control before the directories were added to .gitignore; note that the files listed as ignored in the command line and the ones being modified in the UI are not the same. You can remove them from source control (but not your working dir) with git rm --cached. Note that this will remove the file in other people's working directories when they do a git pull.

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