2019-02-28 08:35
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PHP $ xpath->查询循环

I would like to perform a for loop with $xpath->query but it seems to fail at some point .Please i need some guidance.

This is me trying looping

for($i=1 ; $i<8 ;$i++)
    for($j=1 ; $j<24 ;$j++)
    $status[] = $xpath->query('//div[@class="datatable"]/table//tbody/tr[$i]/td[$j]/text()');

foreach($status as $xpathElement)
    foreach($xpathElement as $nodeKey=>$nodeValue)
        $arr[] = $nodeValue->textContent;       
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  • dongliao3450 2019-02-28 09:03

    Because you're using single quotes your resulting query string looks exactly like this (with $i and $j inserted as strings): //div[@class="datatable"]/table//tbody/tr[$i]/td[$j]/text().

    To actually insert numbers (stored in $i and $j variables) use double quotes: $xpath->query("//div[@class=\"datatable\"]/table//tbody/tr[$i]/td[$j]/text()");.

    Or if you still want to use single quotes, you can write it like this:

      ->query('//div[@class="datatable"]/table//tbody/tr[' . $i . ']/td[' . $j . ']/text()');
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