2013-04-16 13:28

PHP MySQL语法引用点[重复]


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I'm really confused about the difference and when should I write like that in MySQL queries between :

`".$variable." `

' ".$variable." '

" '.$variable.' "


In other words what's the rule of quotes, dots ...

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  • doudui2229 doudui2229 8年前

    This is a variable: $a

    This is a string: "hello world"

    This is a string: 'hello world'

    You can join variables & strings by dot:

    $b = $a . "hello" . $a . 'world';

    or use variable inside " "

    $b = "hello $a world" ;
    $b = "hello" . $a . "world" ;
    $b = 'hello' . $a . 'world' ;

    You can not use variables inside '

    ` use in mysql for field & table titles.

    ' use in mysql for variables.

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  • dongzen5577 dongzen5577 8年前

    It depends on the way you build your query.

    In example, I like to build my queries somewhat like this:

    "SELECT name FROM table WHERE table_id='".$id."'"

    The double quotes are to close (and later re-open) the statement, single quotes simply mean that it's something of a string (in my example I'm using an integer, but words should be encapsulated in single quotes). The dots are PHP-related: they simply connect/paste stuff together.

    Hope my answer has been of use to you :)

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