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File Uploader + XML生成脚本[关闭]

I need an admin panel, that allows us to Write content, and upload multiple images and pdf files, and I need them in xml (rss feed) so that my program can fetch it easily.

I thought about blogs, eg. wordpress. But they dont provide tags for attachments. Is there another free script that would do this? or is there a workaround?

What i want is the feed to have a line like <attachement></attachment>

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  • doupa9062 2014-06-26 14:36

    If you are trying to add tags to attachments in side of WordPress there is a plugin for that called Attachment Taxonomy Support.

    If you want to add the RSS <enclosure> tag the RSS output of a feed in WordPress good news! It's built in.

    On each post you want to add an enclosure or "attachment" you simply add a custom field called "enclosure" with the field value equal to the URL of the file. This is a little known function in WordPress, I'm not surprised you didn't find a lot about it. The custom field will be found by the rss_enclosure() function and outputted in your feed.

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