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I am using the below code to try and retrieve an image field called 'image' from a taxonomy term using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. This code is based on the documentation on the ACF website here.

It should be noted this code is being used within the taxonomy.php template, and I am unable to specify particular taxonomy and/or terms as I need the code to detect the current taxonomy and term, based on the page the user and clicked through to.

Any help much appreciated!

<?php get_header(); ?>
<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

<section id="hero-image">
    <div class="gradient-overlay">
        // vars
        $queried_object = get_queried_object(); 
        $taxonomy = $queried_object->taxonomy;
        $term_id = $queried_object->term_id;  

        // load thumbnail for this taxonomy term (term object)
        $image = get_field('image', $queried_object);

        // load thumbnail for this taxonomy term (term string)
        $image = get_field('image', $taxonomy . '_' . $term_id);
    <div class="grid">
        <header class="unit full-width">
            <a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>/" title="Kurdistan Memory Programme" class="logo"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></a>
        <footer class="unit one-half">
            <h1><?php single_cat_title(); ?></h1>
            <h4 class="scroll-down">Scroll down to continue</h4>

<?php get_footer(); ?>

enter image description here

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