2017-04-21 08:51
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I am using a page builder called King composer for wordpress, where i am trying to build some custom functions, like is intended.

My problem is, that the build-in background color picker is base64 encoding the background properties, So i need to decode it - But first i need to decode the 'my-css' json, so that i can access the different properties.

this is the return of what i get from the builder.

array (
    '_id' => '69391',
    'image' => '294,9,16',
    'gallery-text' => 'Dette er nærmest et galleri',
    'my-css' => '{
                       `box`:{`margin|`:`100px inherit inherit inherit`}

So far i have tried:

 $decodedBackground = base64_decode($atts['my-css']);

which returns as null

then i tried :

 $decodedJson = json_decode($atts['my-css']);

which returns : null

Also tried some other stuff that went horriably wrong

I don't really understand it, I can access the other properties fine, since it is just a part of an array, but the CSS part, I cannot comprehend. I think I need to go deeper in - but I can't get it to work.

Been stuck for about 1.5 hours now, so any help or pointers would be appreciated

/------ EDIT -----/

So this is how i am trying to inspect the decoded json afterwards - might be important.

 $decodedJson = json_decode($atts['my-css'], true);
 echo '<pre>' . var_export($decodedJson, true) . '</pre>';
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  • donglun1020 2017-04-21 09:04

    This is maybe not the best way to do because the JSON in kc-css is not well formated, but this code works for your case:

    // Refomating JSON
    $atts['my-css'] = str_replace('`{', '`:{', $atts['my-css']);
    $atts['my-css'] = str_replace('`', '"', $atts['my-css']);
    $json = json_decode($atts['my-css'], true);
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