2014-03-03 22:52
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i have android project created by eclipse i need to compile it to android apk

how can i do it using php ?

also how can i use custom keystore ?

some website do this using .net but can i do this using php ?

or i can run some script using root access to do this and create android apk ?

i cant find something like this in this website

thanks everyone :)

sorry for my bad english :(

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我有eclipse创建的android项目我需要将它编译成android apk 我怎么能用php做呢?


某些网站使用.net这样做但我可以 使用php吗?

或者我可以使用root访问运行一些脚本来执行此操作并创建android apk?

我无法找到类似这样的内容 在这个网站

谢谢大家: 抱歉我的英语不好:( 。)

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  • doushenyu2537 2014-03-04 01:53

    First of all, you must be running Android ant. Then, you must run:

    ant release

    This will compile the APK, but if you also want to sign it, run:

    jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore pathtokeystore.keystore pathtounsignedapp.apk alias_name

    It will require passwords for the keystore and key. The unsigned apk will be signed in place, and you can just return the apk.

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