2012-08-16 14:53
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Im trying to automate the installation of some custom software using cpanel/whm and postwwwacct php script.This requires files to be copied to the users public_html folder then edit the config and set eh file permissions. So far so good, no issues. When trying to create the database im running into some problems.

    $db_create= $opts['user']. '_lol';  
    $xmlapi = new xmlapi($db_host);    
    $xmlapi->set_debug(1);//output actions in the error log 1 for true and 0 false  
    $xmlapi->set_output('array');//set this for browser output  
    //create database    
    $createdb = $xmlapi->api1_query($opts['user'], "Mysql", "adddb", array($db_create));   
    //create user 
    $usr = $xmlapi->api1_query($opts['user'], "Mysql", "adduser", array($db_create, $opts['pass']));   
     //add user 
    $addusr = $xmlapi->api1_query($opts['user'], "Mysql", "adduserdb", array($db_create,$db_create, 'all')); 

Rest of the code runs ok but the db isnt being created nor are the users. Any ideas?

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