2015-03-10 08:31



I am using Prestashop for the first time. I try to change icons in the default theme but the change doesn't reflect on the UI

E.g: in block contact info, I have originally

          <i class="icon-phone"></i>{l s='Call us now:' mod='blockcontactinfos'}

I want to remove <i class="icon-phone"></i> and add my own icon <img src="\img\icons\call.png" />

But the UI still look the same after I changed the code to

                    <!--<i class="icon-phone"></i>-->
                    <img src="\img\icons\call.png" />{l s='Call us now:' mod='blockcontactinfos'}

I use chrome inspector and see that the source code doesn't change at all. How can I add my own icons in prestashop?

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  • douwen5546 douwen5546 6年前

    It's because Prestashop uses 1) Module overrides and 2) Template cache system. You should disable cache memory in BO in Settings -> Performance and then clean the cache with the button on the top right. Next You need to edit:

    not: root/modules/blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.tpl

    but root/themes/yourthemename/modules/blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.tpl file.

    This should help fix Your problems :)

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