2019-07-21 10:59
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如何在PHP代码中放入html href按钮

I'm trying to put an html href button inside of my php code, but when I run it, I get an error message saying "This Page Isn't Working."


echo "<button onclick="location.href='phpfile.php';">My Button</button>";

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  • dph87312 2019-07-21 11:06

    Either you need to escape the HTML double quotes:

    echo "<button onclick=\"location.href='phpfile.php';\">My Button</button>";

    Or the Javascript single quotes:

    echo '<button onclick="location.href=\'phpfile.php\';">My Button</button>';

    By the way,

    This Page Isn't Working.

    Means a 500 error, which means your php script does not compile. Most of the time it is due to syntax errors.

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