2015-04-28 09:37
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So this is my php function. First I get the variable

    $this->sphotoRepository->save($command->sphoto, $status->id, $command->label, $command->sphoto_categories, $command->sphoto_tagged_users, $command->u18);

Which passes to the final function

public function save(UploadedFile $file = null, $statusId, $label, $sphoto_categories, $sphoto_tagged_users, $u18)
if (isset($sphoto_categories) && !empty($sphoto_categories)) {
            foreach ($sphoto_categories as $sphoto_category_id)
                $category = StatusPhotoCategory::findOrFail($sphoto_category_id);

And here is how I pass my data

post.sphoto_categories = Array("2");

What I would expect as a result (Postman form submit does confirm it. But I am using sphoto_categories[] ... in there to create the array. Can't do that in JS)

'sphoto_categories' => 
 array (
    0 => '2',

What I get when form submit via js

'sphoto_categories' => '["3"]'
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