2014-12-18 14:05
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会话中的php user_id无法正常工作

i need some help about $_session. My team have develop an Web-Application and there are a problem that i cannot get the user_id on the $_session['user_id']? on the mailing view:


    $objModel = new MAILING();

and on the login part:

if ($login_success) {
    $_SESSION['angemeldet'] = true;
    $_SESSION['user_email'] = $login_success['user_email'];
    $_SESSION['user_role'] = $login_success['role'];
    $_SESSION['user_id'] = $login_success['user_id'];
    if ($login_success['role'] == 'admin'){
       header('Location: ?page=admin');
       header('Location: ?page=home');


the problem that if i try the codes on localhost, it work perfectly and on the server $_SESSION['user_id'] is somehow like empty??

could someone help me? thx b4.

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  • duanmu5641 2014-12-18 15:06

    As suggested in the comments I would check if you have enabled sessions on your server environment. See the answer by answer by Adarsh here: PHP.ini example to enable sessions?

    Also, it can be useful to print out and debug you varialbes along the way to see where you lose your data/information. Try using the print_r() function for debuging. Try using print_r($login_success); print_r($_SESSION); exit(); after you have set your variables to print out all of the variables data.

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