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From iOS app to php script, I want to store a bench of images as BLOB types:

 $profile_images = $_REQUEST['profile_images_array'];//get the array of images

        //loop the images and store them one by one
        foreach($profile_images as $image){ 
        $sqlinsertimages = "insert into profile_images (id_client,image) Values ('".$id."',mysql_real_escape_string('".$image."'))";
        $result = mysql_query($sqlinsertimages);


The insert would work fine if I eliminate the image field (which is BLOB type), so the issue is obviously with the saving BLOB types in the table.

How to store properly the images in PHP as BLOB?

PS: not willing to adopt the file system storage.

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    doukunsan5553 doukunsan5553 2013-11-04 23:42

    Ok, I guess that work finally, didn't knew that I had to save the image to the server before saving it to MySQL:

                foreach($profile_images as $image){ 
                    //Get the file as a string before inserting it to table
                    $content = file_get_contents($image);
                    $content = mysql_real_escape_string($content);
                    $sqlinsertimages = "insert into profile_images (id_client,image) Values ('".$id."','".$content."')";
                    $result = mysql_query($sqlinsertimages);
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