2017-07-07 16:28
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i have this text

   $example1 = '<b class="counter">1</b> This is a computer';
   $example2 = '<b class="counter">5</b> i have a laptop';
   $example3 = '<b class="counter">1</b> i need a smartphone';
   $example4 = 'i need a car'; // does not have <b> tag

i'm looking for a php function to remove a part of the string, starting from <b> to </b>, so the results should be like :

$example1_result = 'This is a computer';
$example2_result = 'i have a laptop';
$example3_result = 'i need a smartphone';
$example4_result = 'i need a car';
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  • dongzhaiqiang6108 2017-07-07 16:47

    Make sure to escape from your "counter" otherwise it will not work, but the others have already answered your question with a better version using regular expressions.

    $example1 = "<b class=\"counter\">1</b> This is a computer";
    $example2 = "<b class=\"counter\">5</b> i have a laptop";
    $example3 = "<b class=\"counter\">1</b> i need a smartphone";
    echo strip_tags($example1); //Outputs: 1 This is a computer
    $example1 = trim(substr(strstr($example1, '</b>'), strlen('</b>')));
    echo $example1; //Outputs: This is a computer
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  • dongliaojing0554 2017-07-07 16:30

    You'll want to use strip_tags

    it essentially strips, well tags from the string:

        $htmlStr = '<p>Text</p>';
        $str     = strip_tags($htmlStr);
        var_dump($str); //will echo Text
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  • douhuang2282 2017-07-07 16:33

    If you need the result after you can use substr($example, strpos($example, '</b>')) where $example is <b class="counter">1</b> This is a computer

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  • drzdu44226 2017-07-07 16:33

    use this as you want to remove the content inside the <b> tags also strip_tags() will keep the content inside the html tags

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