2012-09-27 19:57
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I am working on something where I need to be able to pass an indexed array of args to a method, much like how call_user_func_array works. I would use call_user_func_array but it is not an OOP approach, which is undesired, and it requires the method to be static, which breaks the target class's OO.

I have tried to use ReflectionClass but to no avail. You cannot invoke arguments to a method of the class, only the constructor. This is unfortunately, not desireable.

So I took to the man pages and looked at ReflectionFunction but there is no way to instantiate the class, point it to a method, and then invokeArgs with it.

Example using ReflectionFunction ( remember, this question is tagged PHP 5.4, hence the syntax):

$call = new \ReflectionFunction( "(ExampleClass())->exampleMethod" );
$call->invokeArgs( ["argument1", "argument2"] );

This fails with:

Function (Index())->Index() does not exist

Example using ReflectionMethod

$call = new \ReflectionMethod( "ExampleClass", "exampleMethod" );
$call->invokeArgs( new ExampleClass(), ["argument1", "argument2"] );
print_r( $call );

This fails with:

ReflectionMethod Object
    [name] => Index
    [class] => Index

The arguments are never passed to the method.

The desired results are:

class ExampleClass() {
    public function exampleMethod( $exampleArg1, $exampleArg2 ){
        // do something here
        echo "Argument 1: {$exampleArg1}
        echo "Argument 2: {$exampleArg2}

$array = [ 'exampleArg1Value', 'exampleArg2Value' ];

If I passed $array to an instance of ExampleClass->exampleMethod(), I would only have one argument, which would be an array. Instead, I need to be able to pull the individual arguments.

I was thinking that if there was a way to call ReflectorFunction on a ReflectorClass I would in in ship-shape and on my way, but it doesn't look like that is possible.

Does anyone have anything they have used to accomplish this previously?

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  • douguanya4248 2012-09-28 13:49

    For some reason, something got stuck, somewhere.

    $call = new \ReflectionMethod( "ExampleClass", "exampleMethod" );
    $call->invokeArgs( new ExampleClass(), ["argument1", "argument2"] );

    Now returns

    Argument 1: argument1
    Argument 2: argument2

    I am going to try to reproduce the issue. It is on a fresh php 5.4.7 install with php-cli and fpm.

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  • doupin8555 2012-09-27 19:58

    AFAIK, the following should work:

    $call = new \ReflectionMethod( "ExampleClass", "exampleMethod" );
    $call->invokeArgs( new ExampleClass(), ["argument1", "argument2"] );
    print_r( $call );

    What minor version is PHP? Are you on 5.4.7?

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  • dps69208 2012-09-27 20:24

    I have written my own dependency injector, and I also construct classes with the parameters dynamicly. Here is some code that should get your going:

    $type = 'ExampleClass';
    $reflector = new \ReflectionClass( $type );
    if ( !$reflector->isInstantiable() )
      throw new \Exception( "Resolution target [$type] is not instantiable." );
    $constructor = $reflector->getConstructor();
    $parameters = $constructor->getParameters();

    At this point you have a array of parameters, needed for construction. You can now substitute the parameters with the values and construct the class.

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