2015-11-23 16:47

扫描条形码 - 在SQL数据库中保存代码[重复]


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I am facing a problem and I have no idea how to solve this issue. I am using a MetroLogic MS9500 Voyager Barcode Scanner for one of my projects. My goal is that everytime I scan a barcode, the scanned number is to be saved inside a MySQL database together with date & current time.

I have absolutely no idea how this gonna work! Do I have to save those information local on my machine and upload a file to my database or how can I do that?

Currently I can open my editor and scan for example the barcode with the number "0000000000772" than inside the editor file the number will be automatically written. That is good but I have no idea how to get those number in a MySQL database.

Is there somewhere who can help me or let me know what I can/should do?

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  • drt3751 drt3751 6年前

    Some years ago I had a similiar problem,the first thing that I understood was a Barcode scanner is like a keyword entri. you can write a form with html and then process with php, for other hand yo can will connect a excel to database via odbc and put a form or a macro vbs that take the value´s cell and insert into table on database.

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