2015-03-09 23:29
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I have a form on a page which is created by a for loop.

$scripte = ($_POST["scriptake"]);
$scriptot = ($_POST["scriptot"]);
include 'config.php';

echo '<h2>'.$scripte.' Equipment</h2>';
echo '<h2>Total Hours '.$scriptot.'</h2>';

echo '<table class="table table-responsive">
          <form action="equiptest.php" method="post">
          <th>Script Hour</th>
          <th>Equipment Required</th>
$x = 1;
$p = 1;
$r = 1;
while($x <= $scriptot ) {
  echo "<tr>
            <input name='equip[".$r++."]'>
            <input name='stage[".$p++."]'>
            <input name='ohyeah' type='hidden' value= '".$scriptot."'>
echo '<tr>
        <td colspan="2">
          <input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary">

As you can see a form with inputs is created with a for loop. The values from the form are collected in an array equip[] and stage[]. With have a counter for the index if that makes sense. The form is then submitted to the following script.

include 'config.php';
$scriptot = ($_POST["ohyeah"]);
$y = 1;

$r= 1;

foreach($_POST['equip'] as $key => $value) {    
  foreach($_POST['stage'] as $key => $stage) {
    $query = $con->stmt_init();
    $statement = $con->prepare("INSERT INTO dgam_equip 
                                (equiplist,stage)  VALUES (?,?)");


echo 'success';
//bind result variables to be printed

echo '<br><br><br><br><br>';

I'm trying to then insert the arrays into a database.

ID | Equiplist |Stage
ID equip[] stage[]

I am trying to nest a foreach loop or get the arrays added in the correct row. I can get the row in but the data excecutes a huge number of times. I am guessing that is because the foreach loop is excecuting the second foreach loop What is the correct way to put this kind of data into a database. I am trying to set an array up first but am struggling.

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  • dongzhe6287 2015-03-09 23:47
      $length = count($_POST['stage']);
      $stages = $_POST['stage'];
      $equips = $_POST['equip'];
      $stage = '';
      $equip = '';
      $query = $con->stmt_init();
      $statement = $con->prepare( "INSERT INTO dgam_equip (equiplist,stage)  VALUES (?,?) ");
      $statement->bind_param('ss', $equip, $stage);
      for( $i=0; $i < $length; $i++ ) {
         $stage = $stages[$i];
         $equip = $equips[$i];
         if ( ! empty($stage) ) $statement->execute();

    It can be optimized to take all the values in one query.

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  • doutan1875 2015-03-09 23:55
    $equipes = $_POST['equip'];
    $stages = $_POST['stage'];
    $query = $con->stmt_init();
    $statement = $con->prepare( "INSERT INTO dgam_equip (equiplist,stage)  VALUES (?,?) ");
    for ($i = 0, $total = count($equipes); $i < $total; $i = $i + 100) {
            $insertEquipe = array_slice($equipes, $i, 100);
            $insertStage = array_slice($stages, $i, 100);
            foreach ($insertEquipe as $equipe) {
               foreach ($insertStage as $stage) {
                   $stmt->bindValue(1, $equipe);
                   $stmt->bindValue(2, $stage);
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