2016-12-30 02:34
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I am passing the POST Id values through the URL like this


So I would like to encrypt the Keys in the address bar. How can i achieve that?

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我通过URL传递POST Id值,如此

 <  code> localhost:81 / laravel / public / Application / 1956458 

所以我想加密地址栏中的Keys。 我怎样才能实现这一目标?

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  • duanshan1856 2016-12-30 02:35

    There are some different ways to Encrypt your password,

    1. Normal Encryption.

    This is a strong AES encryption via the Mcrypt PHP extension,

    $encrypted = Crypt::encrypt($id);

    And also you can decrypt this encrypted values using this command,

    $decrypted = Crypt::decrypt($encrypted);

    2. Hashing A Password Using Bcrypt in Laravel.

    This will create a hashed password. You may use it in your controller or even in a model.

    $encrypted = Hash::make($id);

    3. Direct Use Bcrypt.

    In Laravel 5 you can directly encrypt the password using Bcrypt,

    $encrypted = bcrypt($id);     
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  • dragonlew9876 2016-12-30 04:09

    Use this code to encrypt and decrypt

    $encrypt_val = Crypt::encrypt($value);
    $decrypt_val = Crypt::decrypt($encrypt_val );

    when you use decrypt please insertuse Illuminate\Contracts\Encryption\DecryptException;

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