2011-06-09 17:17
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I have an array that is sent to my controller, such as this:

$array = array(

And I need to save the position of each item using its id. What is the best way to do this in cakePHP? I can only imagine looping an update function or pulling the entire database, changing the correct values, then saving the database. Both ideas seem very bodged.

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  • doudongdang4483 2011-06-09 17:40

    Ha, Cake magic to the rescue again. You don't have to tell Cake to save it by id. There's a big long amazing way Cake does this, but the short and skinny is -

    if your array contains an 'id' key, Cake presumes it is the table primary key and generates an UPDATE statement instead of an INSERT. Looks like this:

    UPDATE table as Table SET Table.position = $position WHERE = $id;

    And, Cake knows to iterate for you if you use saveAll() instead of save():


    If you have any save callbacks in your model, such as beforeSave(), you have to call them manually before calling saveAll() - they only autofire on save(), not saveAll() or updateAll().

    You'll want to top your array with the name of your model ($array['Model'][0], $array['Model'][1], etc). If you need to magically saveAll() with multiple models, you top your array with indexed keys, then model names - like $array[0]['Model1'], $array[0]['Model2']) and Cake knows to save / update the associated data for all the models in each index batch.

    Cake does ALL the legwork for you: - especially the saveAll() entry.

    • Edit - and topping your array with your model name? Cake makes that ridiculously easy, too. Check out Cake's built-in Set library for all your array / object manipulation needs.

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  • duanrang2627 2011-06-09 17:26

    Have you tried CakePHP's saveAll() ? Details here.

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