2014-02-24 07:08
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Laravel 4自定义验证错误消息

so I was trying to add a custom validation rules like this:

public function validateDateAfterField($attribute, $value, $params)
  return strtotime($value) > strtotime($this->data[$params[0]]);

It takes the value and validate with another field in array of data being validate

I wanted it to produce an error message like this:

Event End Date must be a date after Event Start Date

Here is my custom validation message:

":attribute must be a date after :before"

I've added these custom validation attributes:

'attributes' => array(
        'event_start'=>'Event Start Date',
        'event_end' => 'Event End Date',

But when I cannot access it in my custom validation class, I've tried something like this:

return str_ireplace(":before", $this->attributes[$parameters[0]], $message);

but got an error Undefined property:CustomerValidator::attributes

Anyone knows how to do this properly?


Extended it in my global.php

Validator::extend('date_after_field', 'CustomValidator@DateAfterField');
Validator::resolver(function($translator, $data, $rules, $messages)
    return new CustomValidator($translator, $data, $rules, $messages);
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  • doufocheng6233 2014-02-24 07:50

    I've found the answer after reading the documentation of the validator class.

    By using $this->getAttribute($parameters[0]), I manage to get the custom attribute name.

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