2011-08-30 08:15
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使用aptana调试easyphp + cakephp

I'm starting a new project, for this project, I need a great IDE, which allows me to debug. I thought to aptana after some search.

But this project is a little specific, it has to work with a specific version of php and has not common extension(e.g. php_ingres), so I think I cannot use the internal server of aptana, otherwise it will not find every ingres function.

I've an EasyPhp environnement installed and working.

I've created a new "Simple server" and a new web browser configuration using this webserver(and chrome). But now when I try to debug it, I cannot see my browser configuration, it looks like it display only internal servers here. So is this possible to use aptana with easyphp? If yes, how?

If not, which IDE provide some auto-completion, debugging and allows me to use my own server?

Thank you very much

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我正在开始一个新项目,对于这个项目,我需要一个很好的IDE,它允许我调试。 经过一番搜索,我想到了aptana。

但是这个项目有点具体,它必须与特定版本的php一起使用并且没有共同的扩展名(例如php_ingres),所以我认为 我不能使用aptana的内部服务器,否则它将无法找到每个ingres功能。


我使用这个网络服务器(和chrome)创建了一个新的“简单服务器”和一个新的Web浏览器配置。 但是现在当我尝试调试它时,我看不到我的浏览器配置,看起来它只显示内部服务器。 那么有可能将aptana与easyphp一起使用吗? 如果是,怎么做?


谢谢 非常

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  • dpfw3607 2012-03-27 06:32

    I finally used code lobster, which is not the best editor but can use easyPhp and actually debug into it.

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  • doujiong2533 2011-08-30 08:23

    I think Netbeans can do your job, check this guide :

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  • dpi74187 2011-09-08 04:21

    Netbeans is great and is free too. But it maybe hard to figure your way around in that for a 1st time user. If money ain't a problem i'd suggest using phpDesigner 7 - Easy and simple, with word completion, debugging features and also allows you to setup up an FTP connection to your servers so you can edit your files on the fly.(This method of editing files on the fly however may not be ideal if its mission critical data. I'd suggest using version control platforms like git, read more here - )

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