2019-08-14 03:58
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将Imagemagick命令转换为php imagick

I need to convert the ImageMagick Command to PHP Imagick. I have tried a few combinations but nothing worked as expected. The command creates a line with pointy edges and gradient at the edges The command is:

convert -size 300x1 xc:red \
\( -size 1x300 gradient: -rotate 90 -solarize 50% -level 0x50% -white-threshold 50% +write grad.png \) \
-alpha off -compose copy_opacity -composite red_grad.png`

thanks to @fmw42 for this command

I have tried the following code:

$line = new Imagick();
$shadow = new Imagick();
$shadow->newPseudoImage(1, 300, 'gradient:red-white');
$shadow->rotateImage('transparent', 90);
$shadow->compositeImage($line, Imagick::COMPOSITE_MATHEMATICS, 0, 0);

Please point out where am I going wrong

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