2013-07-11 11:14
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I am trying to create a web chat application with PHP, MySQL. I want to stream the data from the server to client instead of requesting the server in a regular intervals which will cause huge load at servers. I believe this is possible in many ways and XMPP is one of those i heard earlier, but i have no idea how to adopt this xmpp into scripts, how to use it? If some one can give some examples or code references that would be great help.

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  • doufuhao0566
    doufuhao0566 2013-07-16 07:46

    Please check the documentation of XMPP, All the social media sites including Google facebook uses XMPP in their instant messaging.

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  • dragon202076
    dragon202076 2013-07-12 05:03

    For working with XMPP on client side, you can either use websockets or http bind(aka bosh) based on your requirements and support from the xmpp server. I have tried and experimented with trophyjs and Candy.Js. Candy being slightly better in terms of plugins and support if you like chat rooms.

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