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I am writing a code which will process the user text input in a registration form. I have implemented the following function which make sure that the input data is safe:

function input_check($Indata, $dbc) {       // input_check($Indata, $dbc)
    $Indata = trim($Indata);                // remove white spaces 
    $Indata = stripslashes($Indata);        // remove back slashes
    $Indata = strip_tags($Indata);          // remove html tags
    $Indata = htmlspecialchars($Indata);    // convert html entities
    $Indata = mysql_real_escape_string($Indata,$dbc);
    return $Indata;

Is there any other processing that I have to do in order to ensure that the input is safe?

I meant safe from malicious input data

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    doty58493 doty58493 2016-06-14 11:35

    Your strategy to use all possible escaping mechanisms may be safe, but will make your application too complex - imagine what you need to do, to use the data (which seems to be stored in a MySQL database later, right?) to print it in a html form later.

    A more wise approach is, to use only the adequate escaping mechanism depending on the use of the data:

    • to store data in a MySQL database, use a database escaping mechanism (btw instead of mysql_real_escape_string() which is deprecated, use PDO::quote() or even better use parameter binding which already does escaping for you)
    • to print stored data in html text use htmlspecialchars(), possibly in conjunction with strip_tags()
    • to print stored data in html attributes use htmlspecialchars() together with urlencode()

    ... and so on. Then you will most likely be safe of SQLInjection, XSS attacks and so on.

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