2013-02-24 13:38
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提交后JqueryUI Datepicker SelectedDate

I have an inline datepicker, which populates am input textbox.

    altField: "#left-date-text"

left-date-text is in a form, which with a submit button submits to a php script. The date works great $date=$_POST['d'];.

<input type="text" id="left-date-text" placeholder="Data" value='<?php echo $date; ?>' name="d" />

After submit, The inline selects today's date, which automatically populates #left-date-text. I want this to be the selected date ($date). I added a value of echo $date but it doesn't work. Seems like the jquery populates the textbox when it is rendered.

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  • dongzong7467 2013-02-24 14:02

    You can try to add defaultDate : '$date' to the datepicker definition, so if there's a date stored in $date, the picker will use it as default date.

    EDIT: You can use the setter for the default date property of the datePicker, as shown in the jQueryUI documentation. Something like

    `echo "<script>$('#left-calendar').
        datepicker('option', 'defaultDate', '$date');</script>"`

    in the body.

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