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I have some code in PHP file that creates a button and the target of that button is a DIV (findOptionsBox).

The button gets repeated multiple times on the page and so the target of each button should be a unique DIV Id.

<button type="button" id="myBtn" class="btn" data-toggle="collapse" data-

<div id="findOptionsBox" class="search-box collapse">

So my question is how to make 'findOptionsBox' a variable that can be supplied to the data-target of each myBtn and the same variable can also be the ID of the corresponding div.

I am looking to end up with something like this:


<div id="findOptionsBox_1" class="search-box collapse">


<div id="findOptionsBox_2" class="search-box collapse">

I need the btnIds and the DivIds to be unique and each btnId to refer to the corresponding DivId.

I am looking to do this in Javascript and am trying something like:

<script type="application/javascript">
        var count = 0;



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