2013-03-27 10:53

FOSUserBundle无法在Elastic Beanstalk中运行


I have a website that has a lot of traffic and the nature of the website means that it can have a lot of requests in a specific time period.

I use amazon beanstalk to manage the load balancer and instances.

I can have up to 20 instances running and because FOSUserBundle uses Sessions to hold the data I am loosing users logins etc.

I know EB has stickiness but due to the nature of the site it gets overwhelmed and sometimes doesnt forward the correct user to the correct instance so I am loosing users again. Amazon are no help at all.

Is there a way to override this to use secure cookies (i know cookies arent secure but I could create my own crypt/decrypt method)

Any suggestions would be helpful :)

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  • dongshi8359 dongshi8359 8年前

    I found away to essentially negate the sessions stored on one server. I remember doing this with a custom php system (using this php net session I built a few years ago but did not think it would work with symfony. Since posting this questions I found PdoSessionStorage basically storing your sessions on a Database instead of files on the server or instances.

    Please choose your syfmony version as namespaces sometimes change version to version

    Link to PdoSessionStorage on Symfony

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