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使用AJAX jQuery从PHP脚本返回JSON数据

Goal of Project: User enters in the serial number of a computer, the number is checked and if it matches a computer in our Airtable base, we add some information to it and create a new entry for it in a different tab.

My experience: I have lots of experience in Java, C, data structures and algorithms from University. Before starting this project, I had zero experience in web development and have thus far attained basic knowledge of html, php, css, and js.

What I need help with: My current mini goal for the project is to have the user enter a serial number and have the computer information displayed on the same page. I have my files shown below. My process.php accurately retrieves the computer information given a serial number and converts it to a JSON object. My my_script.js is what I used with my test.php to practice displaying the user input without redirection or page refresh. My myform.html I believe is pretty self explanatory, just a form to take in a serial number. I understand how my code in my_script.js works but need help adjusting it to handle JSON return. Any help, resources or overall ideas about the project will be greatly appreciated.


<title>Computer swap form</title>
<form method = "post" action = "test.php" id="computerForm">
Serial Number: <br>
<input name="serialnumber" type="text">

<button id = "sub"> Submit </button>
<!--display the response returned after form submit -->
<span id ="result"></span>

<script type="text/javascript" src = ""></script>

<script src="my_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>



$("#computerForm").submit(function(e) {
  $.post(this.action, $(this).serialize(), function(info) {




use \TANIOS\Airtable\Airtable;
$airtable = new Airtable(array(
    'api_key' => '***',
    'base'    => '***'
  //$sn = $_POST['serialnumber'];
    $sn = "a_serial_number"; //manual setting this produces correct info
  $params =  [
   "filterByFormula"=>"AND({S/N} = '$sn')"
$request  = $airtable->getContent('Computers', $params);
$response = $request->getResponse();
$data     = $response['records'];

echo json_encode($data); 



$sn = $_POST['serialnumber'];

    echo "error serial number not set";
else {
    echo "$sn successfully saved";
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  • dtwxmn8741 2018-06-12 19:20

    You can give a "json" argument to $.post to tell it that the response is JSON, and it will automatically parse the response to a Javascript object or array. In my sample code below I'm assuming it's an array, and each element is an object that contains a property that you want to show in the result; replace .someProperty with the actual property.

    $("#computerForm").submit(function(e) {
      $.post(this.action, $(this).serialize(), function(info) {
        var html = "";
        $.each(info, function() {
            html += this.someProperty + "<br>";
      }, "json");

    process.php can use $_POST['serialnumber'] when it's calling the Airtable API.

    $sn = $_POST['serialnumber'];
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