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Is there a way to set up sublime text 2 to build (or run) a php script I'm editing?

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    duanba2001 duanba2001 2012-10-02 15:36

    You can do Tools -> Build System -> New Build System... and then edit the file like so:

        "cmd": ["/path/to/some/script/that/runs/your/project"]

    Then save it, and from your project, select Tools -> Build System -> <your new name>

    Now you can hit control-shift-b to run the script.

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  • drqja5919276 drqja5919276 2013-02-16 16:31

    if you are linux or mac user you can do that.

    Tools -> Build System ->New Build System

     "cmd": ["php" , "$file"] 

    It'll run your php codes on sublime text console

    here is a screenshot if you wonder how does it look like.

    enter image description here

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