2013-05-31 19:21
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php json保存并读取多个数组到文件

I am trying to save multiple php arrays one at a time. The arrays come to me from a parser function also one at a time. I used to keep them all in memory and then write them all at once like this:

while($onearr = parser())
     $allarr[] = $onearr;


But this logic did not hold for long. I started running out of memory quickly. I want to write the arrays one at a time to the same file and read them one at a time too. This is my writer function:

function savearr($onearr) {        
    if($fp = fopen('arrFile.json','a+'))  {    
       $rc = fwrite($fp, json_encode($onearr));

Now I cannot figure a way to read these arrays! Any way to do it? I tried reading the whole file at once but was not sure how to parse it correctly into individual arrays to match the original!

Thanks in advance

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我试图一次保存多个php数组。 这些数组一次只能从一个解析器函数中找到我。 我曾经将它们全部保存在内存中,然后像这样一次写下它们:

  while($ onearr = parser())
 $ allarr [] = $ onearr  ; 
 fwrite($ filename,json_encode($ allarr)); 

但这种逻辑并没有持续多久 。 我开始快速耗尽内存。 我想一次一个地将数组写入同一个文件,并一次读取一个。 这是我的编写函数:

  function savearr($ onearr){
 if($ fp = fopen('arrFile.json','a +')){
  $ rc = fwrite($ fp,json_encode($ onearr)); 
 fclose($ fp); 

现在我无法想象 一种阅读这些数组的方法! 有办法吗? 我尝试一次读取整个文件,但不确定如何将其正确解析为单个数组以匹配原始文件!


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  • doulv8162 2013-05-31 19:29

    Firstly, you may want to rethink your savearr() function, you're opening/closing the file each time you write the array. Perhaps a class note: none of this was tested:

    class ArrayWriter {
      protected $fp;
      public function __construct() {
        $this->fp = fopen('arrFile.json', 'a+');
        if(!$this->fp) die("Unable to open file");
      public function __destruct() {
        if($this->fp) fclose($this->fp);
      public function write($array = array()) {
        if($this->fp) fwrite($this->fp, json_encode($array) . "

    Now that we've cleared that up, we can do the reverse to read:

    function read() {
      $arrays = file('arrFile.json');
      $result = array();
      foreach($arrays as $line)
        $result[] = json_decode($line);
      return $result;
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