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Laravel 5:如何使用Eloquent查询数据透视表

Is there a way to use Eloquent to query a pivot table without having a model for that pivot table?

Situation: a user can own multiple businesses, and a business can be owned by multiple users. I have the following tables to deal with the many-to-many relationship.

| users     | businesses  | business_user |
| id        | id          | business_id   |
| name      | name        | user_id       |
| created_at| created_at  | created_at    |
| updated_at| updated_at  | updated_at    |

My User.php model

public function businesses()
    return $this->belongsToMany('App\Business')->withTimestamps();

My Business.php model

public function users()
    return $this->belongsToMany('App\User')->withTimestamps();

1- In my controller, i'm trying to query the business_user (pivot) table to count the number of businesses the Auth user Id has.

select count(*) from business_user where user_id = Auth::user()->id() ;

2- I'm trying to query the business_user (pivot) table to get the business name for each row found in table business_user for that user id.

select business_user.business_id, businesses.name 
  from business_user 
  join businesses 
    on business_user.business_id = businesses.id
 where business_user.user_id     = Auth::user()->id() ;

I would like to query the pivot table with Eloquent, but I can't get the syntax right. Do I need a model for that business_user table?

Do some of you prefer not using Eloquent at all?

Thanks cv

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  • dqhbuwrwq692118284 2015-07-02 17:36

    You don't need Model for a Pivot table. Things you are asking for are pretty straight forward.

    Number of businesses the current logged in User has

    echo \Auth::user()->businesses->count();

    name of each business for current User

    foreach(\Auth::user()->businesses as $business){
      echo $business->name;
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