2011-03-21 09:20
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更新SVN.connector 2.2.2后的Eclipse,SVN错误

Eclipse for PHP Developers

Version: Helios Service Release 2

Build id:20110301-1815

Mac OsX 10.6.6 (all updates installed)

I updated my Eclipse SVN connector to the most current version (using the Eclipse updater). The new plugin file names are:

After updating I cannot commit or update any of my projects with any SVN server any more (tried using different servers). The error message I get during committing is:

Some of selected resources were not added to version control. svn: Error while dispatching event:$ItemState.(Ljava/lang/String;IILjava/lang/String;IIJLjava/lang/String;)V

Beside that I am still able to browse the SVN Repositories

any help is highly appreciated! Thanks Pascal

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版本:Helios Service Release 2


Mac OsX 10.6.6(已安装所有更新)

我更新了Eclipse SVN连接到最新版本(使用Eclipse更新程序)。 新的插件文件名是: org.polarion.eclipse .team.svn.connector_2.2.2.I20110318-1700.jar

更新后我无法提交更新我的任何项目 与任何SVN服务器不再(尝试使用不同的服务器)。 我在提交期间收到的错误消息是:

某些选定的资源未添加到版本控制中。 svn:调度事件时出错。 core.connector.ISVNProgressMonitor $ ItemState。(Ljava / lang / String; IILjava / lang / String; IIJLjava / lang / String;)V

除此之外,我仍然能够 浏览SVN存储库

非常感谢任何帮助! 谢谢 Pascal

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  • dougao9864 2011-03-21 16:55

    Finally, everything is working again.

    I uninstalled all existing SVN plugins (to find in the menu under Help/Install New Software/ and then in the bottom right corner "What is already installed".) In that menu uninstall all SVN related plugins, restart Eclipse and start over again with installing a fresh SVN.

    NOTE: All SVN Repositories and Project Versions did still exist after I reinstalled everything.

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