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I am trying to upload the android executables that are on my system to a website.

Here is the website link :""

Present Scenario:

1)The website has already got a "choose" option where we can upload the files.

2)The website calculates the md5 checksum of the uploaded files on clicking the
compare option

Expected Output:

1) I am looking at a scenario where i can interact with the website through an API through JAVA

2) The java program should itself click the choose button and upload the file and return the displayed output back.

I have gone through an API called "HTMLUnit" which serves the task.However,There are hardly any resources that i could relate my "Expected Output " with

I would be happy to hear any suggestions,which would help in accomplishing my goal.

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  • dsdf64562672 dsdf64562672 6年前

    Why do you need this website you can calculate md5 of file using java like below

        MessageDigest dig = MessageDigest.getInstance("MD5");
        DigestInputStream stream = new DigestInputStream(new FileInputStream(new File("/path/to/file")),dig);
        while( != -1);
        byte[] digest = dig.digest();
        String md5 = new BigInteger(1, digest).toString(16);
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