2011-01-21 06:35


I have one url with one code. http://www.example.com/exam.php?id=rteter#443545

Now when I click this URL, the value of the id is rteter, means it returns me only portion of code before #.

I have not sent the link with urlencode so please do not give that solutions. Links are already sent, is they any way by which I can get the full value in my php code?


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  • dosi8657 dosi8657 10年前

    use url quote



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  • douliedai4838 douliedai4838 10年前
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  • doujianzhi3358 doujianzhi3358 10年前

    The # character indicates the start of the fragment identifier and is handled client side. You need to represent it as %23 if you want it sent to the server.

    If you are generating query string parameters programatically in PHP, use the urlencode function.

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