2011-06-21 07:20
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什么相当于Java World中的PHP Zend Framework

I have been developing web applications for almost 6 years using the LAMP Stack, and lately I've been using ZEND Framework.

It has a steep learning curve, and it took from me a while untill I figured out its in/outs and the logic behind its MVC Structure.

I've chosen ZF although it is more complex than many other PHP Frameworks because its likely the one which will survive longer.

Currently, I am intending to learn Java J2EE

Trying to invest my previous knowledge with ZEND Framework extensively, so I really need to know what its J2EE framework equivalent

And Please, I don't wana know about obscure frameworks, or frameworks which no body uses but the gurus,or framweworks created by the insiders to solve problems of their own, or frameworks which are just born to die, or frameworks with no huge developers base, or young cool frameworks which need years to be stable.

I need to know well known frameworks which are used to create applications for enterprises, which will not gonna die at least for the coming 20 years, hopefully.

I sacrifice simplicity for the sake of stability and career growth.. I intend to learn one framework and just only one, and I will stick to it for life.

Botton Line: I want to learn the framework which will survive for long, competes aggressively, updated regularly, and which eliminates the need of me learning new framework, and brand new APIs every single year.

If possible, I want complete details, and true guidance from experienced programmers who have seen it all and knew it very well.

Thank you all in advance.

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我使用LAMP Stack开发了近6年的Web应用程序,最近我一直在使用ZEND Framework 。



目前,我打算学习Java J2EE

尝试广泛地使用ZEND Framework投入我以前的知识,所以我真的需要知道它的J2EE框架等价于什么

并且请,我不要 wana知道晦涩的框架,或者没有机构使用的框架,只有大师,或内部人员为解决自己的问题而创建的框架,或者刚刚诞生的框架,或没有庞大开发人员基础的框架,或年轻人 需要多年才能保持稳定的酷框架。 \ n


我牺牲了简单性 稳定和职业发展的目的.. 我打算学习一个框架,只有一个框架,我将坚持终身。

Botton Line:我想要 学习这个框架,它将长期存在,积极竞争,定期更新,这使我无需每年学习新的框架和全新的API。

如果 可能,我想要完整的细节,以及经验丰富的程序员的真实指导,他们已经看到了所有并且非常了解它。


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  • douzhong5902 2011-06-21 07:34

    Hope this link is useful -

    Though I don't think there is a zend-framework equivalent for Java, only thing I could think of a good framework is Spring used heavily.

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  • dougai2427 2011-06-21 08:11

    I think Tapestry can also be a place to start.

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