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Here I have some function to read my table

 public function get_all_record($table, $fields = "*"){

            $sql = "SELECT $fields FROM $table";

            $result = $this->sqlordie($sql);

            while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
                $myrow[$xx] = $row;

             return $myrow;

     private function sqlordie($sql) {

            $return_result = mysql_query($sql, $this->conn);
            if($return_result) {
                return $return_result;
            } else {

        private function sql_error($sql) {
            echo mysql_error($this->conn).'<br>';
            die('error: '. $sql);

Below code I am calling the get_all_record function and return result I am convert into json object using json_encode

 $myItem = get_all_record("mc_category","category_id,category_name,category_description");

    echo json_encode($myItem);

I am getting output as below

[{"category_id":"2","category_name":"book","category_description":"all type of books"},{"category_id":"3","category_name":"book","category_description":"all type of books"},{"category_id":"4","category_name":"Phone","category_description":"All type of phones"},{"category_id":"5","category_name":"Phone","category_description":"All type of phones"}]

But I need JSON object as below

{ "aaData": [
    ["Trident","Internet Explorer 4.0","Win 95+","4","X"],
    ["Trident","Internet Explorer 5.0","Win 95+","5","C"],
    ["Trident","Internet Explorer 5.5","Win 95+","5.5","A"],
    ["Trident","Internet Explorer 6","Win 98+","6","A"],
    ["Trident","Internet Explorer 7","Win XP SP2+","7","A"]
] }

Could you please any one help to create above json object.

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  • dqd22496 dqd22496 10年前

    json_encode gets an array with name/value pairs. You want just the values instead. The best solution is to use


    to get an numerical array, that gets converted to your preferred json format.

    If you need the name/value pairs somewhere later you can still use


    and create a second array this way:

    $mySoonToBeJsonData = array_values($myrow);

    this removes the names from the associative array

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  • douxing9228 douxing9228 10年前

    Try using the following to encode instead:

    echo json_encode($myItem, true);
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