2012-04-25 02:41
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在Symfony 2 / Doctrine 2实体中存储空间点?

Symfony 2 doesn't have the spatial points datatype that MySQL supports. I couldn't find anything on the Doctrine 2 documentation about this particular data type, so, does anyone know how to work with points in Symfony 2? Also, how to query based on a radius? Thanks! :)

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Symfony 2没有MySQL支持的空间点数据类型。 我在Doctrine 2文档中找不到关于这种特定数据类型的任何内容,那么,有没有人知道如何使用Symfony 2中的点? 另外,如何基于半径查询? 谢谢! :)

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  • dongqin1861 2012-04-25 06:34

    The easiest way would be to implement custom types for the spatial data types, and then declare custom DQL functions to make querying them simpler.

    I wrote about this here:

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  • dpgvdfg321041670 2012-08-11 12:10

    If you speak french, youd could get some inspiration with another article here :

    This classes were build for a Postgresql + Postgis Database.

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  • dsyua2828 2014-10-24 19:41

    Another option would be to use the djlambert/doctrine2-spatial bundle, found here:

    No need to implement any custom stuff.

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